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Guide to Black Friday

This Black Friday CHOOSE YOU! We’re approaching those last few weeks in the year in which many of our minds are all over thinking about what’s next, how we performed, did we we do enough, where we want to be and more than likely WHO we want to be. Well good news is most of us know the exact answers to those questions but could use an extra nudge🤭!

This year in my efforts to make this BLACK FRIDAY sale more INTENTIONAL I have conducted an end of the year reading for the collective to better identify any blockages and next steps. With that being said, the main focuses for the collective are PROTECTION, LOVE, ABUNDANCE, and FORWARD MOVEMENT.

Choosing you looks like making sure you are protected from head to toe! You made sure everyone else is safe and cared for but did you pray for you today?! Did you give gratitude for the instinctual protection God and your benevolent ancestors provide.

Choosing you looks like making sure you radiate love. Yes you are loved and loving but are you truly in a space to be loved  receive love. Love is around you at all times, it’s in the food we eat, it’s in the conversations we have, in the art we share, the memories we remember. Be soft and allow love to bless you.

Choosing you looks like making sure you are allowing yourself to move on! Yes, reflection can reveal new lessons and answers but there is no redoing that situation. However you can move forward and explore new and infinite possibilities (key is to be optimistic!  you are abundant and deserving of a beautiful and fulfilling life! You are moving forward towards new and better opportunities that are aligned for you)

This Black Friday Choose You!

~with soul🤍

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