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June Message ♊️🕊

Stop tryna “get that lick back” it’s over it’s done.SE CABO. LEAVE IT ALONE. Whatever “unfinished” or difficult situations that came back around this past month came to let you know that there’s a deeper issue surrounding them…and that’s okay! One of the first steps you can take is address that you’re hurt and that it was that deep to you at one point. (Someone Specifically needs to hear) Something happened that hurt you that then led to you hardening yourself up or trying to “match someone’s energy” which only results in you feeling off and drained. THE MESSAGE IS CLEAR…please stop sabotaging yourself and keeping yourself in a situation that doesn’t make you feel good! In order to release conflict and relationships you must BELIEVE and VALIDATE your own feelings! A lot of the time we can’t trust our intuition because our pain and anxiety has become so intense that takes over our nervous system and masks itself as OUR INTUITION.

Advice & Next steps:

⁃ Turn your focus INWARD NOT OUTWARD

⁃ Don’t stay in your head for too long

⁃ Drink lemonbalm tea for anxiety

⁃ Listen to Shining by Beyoncé & Show no regrets by Daniel Cesar

Next steps:

1. Have courage and faith in yourself and intuition (🛑 gaslighting)

2. Express yourself FREEEEELY with no damn limits (your creative mess will result in a masterpiece)

3. You have the power to manifest whatever state you wanna be in…so keep that in MIND as you think.

Extra thoughts:

⁃ Gemini is ruled by Mercury planet of communication🗣/👥/👤

⁃ New beginnings and the work of June surrounds mental work🧠!Remaining mentally balanced and not getting trapped in the same thoughts and perspective

⁃ Things are going to fall into alignment by you staying focused inwardly and your different projects

⁃ Themes: Brainstorm, networking(meeting new people at last minute events a friend or family members invites you to), and FUN AND ENJOYMENT!

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