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⭐️The Stars in Us ft Cancer Season⭐️

Themes: regeneration, patience, self assurance/trust

Tarot cards: Queen of Pentacles, 10 of Swords (reverse), Temperance (reverse) Bottom of Deck: Moon

Oracle cards: Cracked Open, Star Brothers, Deep cellular healing

(Cards shown below)

Cancer naturally being a water sign pulls on our emotional sensitivity, affecting our day-to-day moods, gentleness, creativity, and ability to be nurturing and supportive. Thus, growth for many of us during this season of cancer looks like trusting our emotional selves and intuition. Our main priority this season must be pouring into ourselves before trying to jump into something else, which we may not yet be emotionally equipped for.


The past few months many of us in the collective have been "grinding" but almost on autopilot. Yet, it has not stopped our brains from thinking about our next moves and what we prefer to be doing. The interesting thing about this is that while we are surviving and "getting through the day", we are not receiving enough personal time to authentically exist and create - leaving some of us in deep recovery.

When it comes to regeneration and recovery they are not things that we can just avoid. Without time to recover nothing can truly regenerate to its full capacity because without such time one is to constantly be working in a deficit (emotional, physical, mental, etc). Regeneration can look anything like taking time in your day-to-day routines, scheduling a day of relaxation/activity you have been craving, or even adding new things that create relaxation.

(Personally, with my summer break from teaching I have been able to spend extra time waking up in the mornings and on my skincare routine, as well as attending pilates. Just these simple things have provided me with so much ease and overall time to process my emotions about the past few months.)

Finally, I truly want to emphasize the focus on leaning into your emotional depth, rather than running from it! We cannot avoid something we NEED! Think of yourself as an ocean, the deeper you explore, the more abundance and opportunities you'll find. Now granted, going into deep uncharted waters (memories and emotional triggers especially) can be scary and triggering but it must get done!


“Everything I want is within reach and on time”

“Pouring into myself is an investment”

“Taking my time brings me ease”

“Taking my time is a privilege”

“I trust myself”

With Love🤍

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