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About Indigo

Indigo creates with soul. 

Indigo creates to alchemize

Indigo creates to inspire change

Indigo creates to attract.


Founded in 2021. Indigo was created with the intention to provide a customized and healing experience to members of the BLACK community. To foster a community in which we can be vulnerable, in which we can grow, and most of all learn from each other. 


Healing the Tribe

Trust In the Power of Your Body

I’m also a Certified Birth Doula. After many different paths and experiences through pediatrics, neonatal unit and midwifery I finally found the occupation that I feel most comfortable in and believe I can make the most difference in. 


Thus with ancestral guidance and gifts from both sides of my family I have been able to assist mothers in their pregnancy journey through vast amounts of knowledge, traditional medicine, and mental and spiritual healing.  


Hi, I’m Suneil

Suneil Jeter is a 22 year old intuitive and clairaudient healer, also known as the founder of INDIGO: THE holistic healing village. Born and raised in Bronx, New York City. I was introduced to crystals and holistic, alternative, traditional medicine at very young age which put me in a position to effectively care for my family and friends. Suneil’s long term interest in mental health and spirituality guided me to explore several methods of healing such as herbalism, crystal & sound healing, birth work (doula), and counseling. She continued her education at Emory University in which she studied sociology and human health and currently works as an active doula and counselor. 


4theastrobaes: Gemini(8th H), Aquarius, Scorpio

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