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Thoughts on Protection

In the past when I thought Protection, I associated it typically being thick boundaries, loud & scary/in your face, larger than life. Recently I have been having a shift in perspective of what “protection” truly is and how it can look different for everyone. Protection can also be calm, nurturing/soft and feel light🪶 When you have been so protected “naturally” whether it be through spirit, prayer, or lineage it can feel like a second skin/you don’t even realize you’ve been “protected.” Yet, being able to move as you please, express yourself, live in your purpose, have peace of mind, attract new opportunities and connections are all things that can be harmed if not protected.

Protection Tips:

⁃ PRAY for protection over the things you want (the most simple. effective. impactful thing you can do in my opinion )

⁃ Go deeper with yourself and ask yourself how do you want to be protected? What do you view as a threat/harmful? What sensations make you feel protected?

⁃ CLEANSING BATHS w cascarilla🥚(crushed egg shell --> research and thank me later❕)

⁃ Protection CRYSTALS & JEWELRY: black tourmaline, hematite, amethyst, smokey Quartz and moree

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